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Coming Soon! Donald Topp- September 26th

Donald Topp

From 25th September the Richard Goodall Gallery will be hosting a brand new exhibition Topp This! Featuring over sixty new works by the US artist, the exhibition celebrates icons of the 21st century, rendered in Topp’s signature style. Heavily influenced by the iconic 60’s style of the Pop Artists Lichtenstein and Warhol, Topp’s prints are hand or spray painted with hand-pulled screen images, and are the ultimate in affordable Pop Art.

Born in October 1975 on a small dairy farm outside Madison, Wisconsin, Topp studied Art Education at Carroll College before receiving an M.A. in visual studies from Cardinal Stritch University. Topp is currently represented by Firecracker Studios in the USA and the Richard Goodall Gallery in the UK.

Coming Soon! Kid Robot Dunny Series 2009

Kid Robot Dunny Series 2009 is on its way to the Richard Goodall Gallery!


Available from the day of release – 9th September – these achingly cool collectibles are the work of international artists including Amanda Visell, Andrew Bell, Shane Jessup, Huck Gee, Pon, Shawnimal and SupaKitch to name just a few.

Founded by Paul Budnitz in 2002, Kid Robot works in collaboration with artists of all genres to create a unique range of art toys and apparel. From fine art to fashion, graffiti to industrial design, the Kid Robot Series are sold only in select retailers worldwide – and the Richard Goodall Gallery is one such discerning establishment. Kid Robot has even caught the eye of Paramount Pictures – this year it was announced that a major feature film involving the Kid Robot characters is on its way to us, set for release in 2011.

Available in full cases, sealed and stupidly collectible, the Kid Robot Dunny Series 2009 will await you from 9th September – and if you can’t wait that long to check out the new Series, here’s a sneak-preview!


New Exhibition – Looking for the light through the pouring rain. Photography by KEVIN CUMMINS


4th September, The Richard Goodall Gallery, High Street, Northern Quarter.

From the 4th September we’ll be opening the doors on a brand new exhibition – Manchester: Looking for the Light Through the Pouring Rain. A celebration of Manchester’s unparalleled status in pop history, the exhibition offers a definitive photographic history of the Manchester music scene from 1976 to the present day through the stunning photography of Kevin Cummins.

Featuring some of the most iconic music photography of all time, the exhibition pays tribute to this great city’s finest protégés – Joy Division, Oasis, Buzzcocks, New Order, The Smiths, The Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses – from the legendary Hacienda dancefloor to a rented room in Whalley Range, Kevin Cummins’ exquisite photography is a testament to this great city’s unparalleled musical kudos.

“Manchester? Coolest city I can think of”  Eva Mendes