Monthly Archives: October 2009

Lunartik Cup of Tea Tour at Richard Goodall Gallery! Dec 12th

Matt Jones’ debut vinyl toy, ‘Lunartik in a Cup of Tea’ is going global with the international Custom Tea Tour, launched from Forbidden Planet’s London store in August. Having teamed up with 24 artists to produce a mind-boggling range of custom cups of tea, the tour is headed to nine locations – one of which, you might’ve guessed, is the Richard Goodall Gallery.

Not only will you have the chance to get your hands on a signed Earl Grey (available only at or as part of this tour) or a limited edition shirt there’ll also be the opportunity to see original resin sculpts, silicon casts, and Matt’s 2006 sketch books.  Artists contributing to this spectacular ensemble include Kenn Munk, Woolloomooloo, TADO, Mr Scruff, Pete Fowler, Sichi, ILoveDust, Okkle and lots more!

As if all this excitement weren’t enough, Matt and Doktor A will be in real-life attendance at Richard Goodall Gallery on Saturday 12th December to sign cups, flyers or foreheads (depending on your mood).