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Grammy Award Artist: America’s Best Kept Eccentric

White Stripes Japan Tour 2005

Rob Jones, White Stripes Japan Tour 2005

Grammy award winning artist Rob Jones will be making a fleeting visit to the Richard Goodall Gallery for one day only (10th December) as part of his exclusive exhibition Redsmith. The creator behind the band art of the White Stripes is what we would describe as one of America’s best kept eccentrics.

Rob’s artist biography describes a treacherous, full throttled mirage of life that started in 1925.  Along the way he was discharged from the navy, married a red-headed stripper, gained a taste for hard drugs and became an underground comedy legend. It briefly mentions his artistic career.

Despite the biography describing how Rob’s life came to an end in 1966 in his Hollywood home, he miraculously lives to tell the tale today and presents you with an opportunity to meet the man behind the iconic art.

Don’t miss the opening of the Redsmith on Saturday 10th December across both Richard Goodall Galleries. 

Opening 10th December 

Exhibition runs 10th December 2010 – 21st January 2012

The Richard Goodall Galleries are both found in the Northern Quarter on

High Street, Manchester & on Thomas Street, Manchester (round the corner form each other)

Examine the life and death of Rob Jones on his website: Animal Rummy


Redsmith: The Exhibition’s name

Our exquisite up-and-coming exhibition will document the art from the music posters of the man who created the visual imagery of the White Stripes Grammy Winner, Rob Jones.  ‘But why Redsmith?‘ We hear you ask.

Well to know that you’ll have to come to the exhibition…..

Take a sneak preview (and perhaps indulge in some very exclusive christmas presents) at the works you will be able to see within the exhibition by visiting our online store. The exhibition will be displayed over both Richard Goodall Galleries.

The Richard Goodall Galleries are both found in the Northern Quarter on High Street, Manchester & on Thomas Street, Manchester (around the corner from each other)

Opening  Saturday 10th December

Exhibition runs from 11th December – 21stJanuary 





Grammy Award winner Rob Jones suited & booted in pink leather

Redsmith Exhibition: Grammy award winning artist Rob Jones gallery takeover 10th December – 28th January.

Rob Jones White Stripes poster

Picture the scene if you will; it’s February 2011, a star studded audience have turned out for the 53rd prestigious Grammy Awards. The glamorous audience eagerly await the announcement of the winning Art Director of Best Record Packaging. Amongst the dazzlingly dressed music legends, up-pops a tonsured man donning a Barbie-pink leather suit, complete with clashing white cowboy boots. He eagerly runs towards the stage with rock symbol hands in the air. After running up the stage stairs in a chat-show-host fashion he thanks the White Stripes, his mum, dad, school and God. Watch it below If you don’t believe me.

Artist Rob Jones is not afraid of making an impression wherever he goes but not more so than his iconic artwork for bands such as the White Stripes, Raconteurs and the Killers. Richard Goodall Gallery have had the thrill of working with Jones on his eagerly awaited exhibition premiering exclusive works. Set across both Richard Goodall venues (Thomas Street and High Street Gallery), viewers will be able to peruse Jones’ craftsmanship and infamous poster imagery.
This fleeting opportunity to view audacious artist Jones is not to be missed, starting on the 10th December at 6pm – 9pm across both galleries. Watch in disbelief as Jones accepts his Grammy.


Rob Jones Accepts His Grammy Award


Redsmith: An Exhibition of Grammy Award Winning Artist Rob Jones

Rob Jones is set to grace our gallery once again as we prepare for the up-and-coming show that will run alongside our already up-and-running Winter Exhibition.

Rob Jones White Stripes poster

Grammy award winning artist Rob Jones has produced stunning works that have been visual focal point of Jack White’s various bands such as The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and  Dead Weather. These highly sought after silkscreen prints are a collection of earlier works dating back to the White Stripes’ first major label debut in 2003 through to exclusive never before seen prints. 

Curator Richard Goodall described how, “Rob’s work is immense, across the detail and the design, and the number of works we have available in this exhibition. To be able to produce such an amount of work with the same high standard and using the complimentary palate and ties to the music is nothing short of astounding.” Richard added, “We are thrilled to finally be able to put on this show so that everyone can see and own these pieces.”

Rob commented on the his return, “It’s a great pleasure to be back in the UK at the Goodall Gallery, and to see all the work together is a pure delight.”

We hope you will be able to join us for the opening on the 10th December,  alternatively the show will run from 11th December through to the 21st January across both galleries.

The Richard Goodall Galleries are both found in the Northern Quarter on

High Street, Manchester & on Thomas Street, Manchester

Opening 10th December

Exhibition runs from 11th December – 21st January 


Winter Exhibition: Past and Present United

Winter Show: an eclectic mix of the past and present starts this weekend 19th November – 28th January

The gallery is a teaming with artwork, hardly anything is hung and everything is open to change. However amidst the exhibition changeover for the Winter Show there is one certainty: this vivid show is set to be an eclectic mix of the past and premieres of new works.

The eagerly anticipated exhibition presents an opportunity for those who missed out on any past 2011 RGG shows. Presenting the best prints from past shows, while also premiering exclusive works.

Remember the weird and wonderful works from the likes of Ray Caesar  and Jonas Lofgren? What about the retrospective photo prints of rock’n’rollers Gered Mankowitz  and Graham Nash? All will be included in the Winter Show, commencing this weekend. Not forgetting our avid followers as we unveil originals of linocut and hand coloured prints from Bill Fick,  premiered especially for RGG’s audience.

Graham Nash serenades Occupy Wallstreet

It is often assumed that the today’s modern counterculture voices its opposition through multimedia rather than gathering for political marches or protests. However, when Graham Nash witnessed the energy of Occupy Wallstreet last Tuesday, he alikened it to the peak of the American civil rights movement with marches such as Selma to Montgommery and protests against the Vietnam war.

Graham Nash and David Crosby showed their support of Occupy Wallstreet as they took to Zucotti Park in New York to serenade the bustling protesters. Surrounded by hoards of people Nash admirably introduced the melody “This is a song I wrote over 40 years ago and it is still true today we have to teach our children”. It was a touching scene as the duo’s serenade was drowned out by the crowd singing along to the acoustic rendition of Teach Our Children.

Watch as Nash and Crosby serenade Occupy Wallstreet protestors in New Yorks Zuccotti park, and later an interview with the pair as they share their experience in on political TV show Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

Nash and Crosby Serenade protestors In Zuccotti Park

Interview with Nash and Crosby

Graham Nash 5 decades with a camera finishes tomorrow don’t miss final opportunity to see Five Decades With a Camera