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Light City S168 5A-9A
Alan Jaras [AJS1685A-9A]
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Light City S168 5A-9A Panorama

Light City Series, 2011

C-Type Print on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper

Edition of 5

Signed and numbered by Alan Jaras

'Refractographs' are images of light refraction patterns captured directly on to film and are a development of the traditional darkroom black and white photogram.  Based on my early b/w experiments with photograms in the 1960's I have now evolved the technique to incorporate colour.

Many transparent and textured objects can produce wonderful refraction patterns but I have also developed techniques to create my own refractive objects from glass, plastics, resins and other objects which together can interact and modify their optical properties to give a variety of patterns

'Refractographs' still need to be made in the dark but not necessarily in a photographic darkroom. I use a 35mm camera body as the film holder and the exposure system.  The camera lens is removed completely and the 'refractive object' positioned over the open lens mount while a distant single beam of white light is shone directly at the object and into the camera. If colour is required beyond the normal refraction colours produced by the object, then a specially made micro mosaic of coloured optical filters is positioned in the light beam. The exposure of the film is made using the shutter mechanism in the camera body and the film developed by normal processing methods


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Light City S168 5A-9A

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