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Niagara & Yumiko Kayukawa Joint Show September 20th


Opening Saturday September 20th this new show will showcase new works from both the artists along with some very special collaborative peices that have been painted jointly by both artists. This is made an even more amazing feat given that Yumiko is in Japan and Niagara Detroit, USA.

Preview the pieces from the show here. They will be regularly updated with new works running up to the show.

Click Here For Niagara Preview Click Here For Yumiko Preview

The two artists styles come crashing together in one of the most important painting shows for contemporary painters in 2008.

Both of these strong women are known for the way they portray the women in their paintings. In Niagara's work the women are strong and forceful. With Yumiko the women are sweet and strong and surrounded by animals. These two worlds collide at the special Good, Bad, Beautiful exhibition

Both artists will have their respective hard back coffee table solo books available along with some special surprises, including the new range of Niagara Vans. The exhibition is supported by Vans and Barefoot Wine.

A Preview of the work for the show will be available on the 15th of September


Niagara is a musician and a painter. She was the lead vocalist of the punk rock bands Destroy All Monsters and Dark Carnival. [edit] Biography While attending the University of Michigan, Niagara formed Destroy All Monsters in 1973. They were active until 1985, earning big attention due to the presence of former members of The Stooges and the MC5. Niagara soon after fronted the supergroup Dark Carnival (also with Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton). Niagara still does occasional rock performances in Australia, Tokyo, and other exotic locales. Niagara utilized her art school experience in creating album and promotional art for Destroy All Monsters' /Dark Carnival performances. Combining an illustrator's hand with some collage and pop iconography, Niagara's style began to take shape in earnest during these years, and by the early 90's she was beginning to show in small exhibits and cafes around the Detroit area. It was during this time that Niagara teamed up with the Detroit gallery CPop in 1996. Her first exhibits "All Men Are Cremated Equal" (1996) and "Faster Niagara, Kill...Kill" (1997) were breakout shows which garnered her regional praise . Soon art periodicals such as Juxtapoz were heralding her as "The Queen Of Detroit" and many successful exhibits would follow in other cities like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Tokyo to name but a few. "The Niagara Girl," who appears in many female guises, would come to represent feminist swagger with drop dead gorgeous looks and an equally dangerous demeanor. Hard-boiled, tough talking gals who would rather dispatch a man than put up with any of his guff. Her bold and colorful post-pulp comic strip countenances of femme fatales in various depictions of malfeasence was culturally soldified by Callie Khoury's Thelma and Louise, which shares a kindred spirit with Niagara's subjects, along with the bad side of 40's and 50's film icons such as Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall and Jane Greer. In 2002, Niagara's work began to stray away from the gun-toting, booze swilling Femme fatale to a more intricate "Opium Series". Still decidedly feminine, but the violence was turned inward, as world-weary, flapper-esque beauties are depicted in druggy repose amidst swirling opium fumes, full of Chinese patterns and applique make the series her most detailed and introspective work to date. In 2006, a career retrospective of her art and music was chronicled in her coffee table tome "Beyond The Pale" (9mm Books).


Yumiko Kayukawa grew up in a small town in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. The panoramic beauty created in her a feeling of communion with nature. Animal life and insects fascinated her. Another key fascination was the American pop culture and rock n’ roll she immersed herself in during her teen years. It wasn’t until she actually came to the U.S. at the age of 27 that I first realized how visually rich and interesting her own culture was. She had never seen Japan from an outside point of view.

Since the initial trip to the U.S. Kayukawa’s artwork has taken on a life of its own: A mix of Japanese tradition and Western pop input, with the natural world intertwined to share the spotlight. She incorporates Japanese iconography and pop symbolism, along with the vague (and not-so-vague) sensuality of the female figure, to draw in and engage the viewer. In this way her paintings reflect how life titillates and distracts, while nature plays its role as our true underlying life source.






As a second part exhibition you can also see Niagara again after you can see her at the exhibition for a rare signing session on Sunday 21st Sept at Size? Manchester, to celebrate the launch of her art show at the Richard Goodall gallery and her collaboration shoe line with Vans. Sunday 21st Sept Size? 18 Market Street, Manchester, M1 1PT from 1.30pm

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