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Dave Haslam on Central Station

Dave Haslam on Central Station

Dave Haslam, Author, DJ, Manchester Icon, talks about Central Station in the Face magazine in 1990.


See the article here. Central Station Design's record sleeves and graphics helped shape the image of this year's Madchester boom. Soon they're launching their own clothing range; first, their portraits of British entertainers are to be shown in London, as Dave Haslam reports...

Caesar makes city impact

Caesar makes city impact
WHEN Ray Caesar paints a picture, there's not a paintbrush, a palette or a canvas in sight.

Instead, Ray's bizarre images are all done on a computer by painstakingly constructing a 3D skeleton, using digital image software and "wrapping" the pictures in manipulated photographic textures on screen.

His technique has won him acclaim and awards in equal measure and his portraits of otherwordly children - people that Caesar suggests are "portraits of the soul" rather than actual children - are expensive collectors' items.

The Art of Being Leonard Cohen: In his own words

The Art of Being Leonard Cohen: In his own words by The Globe and Canada

The poet, icon and new grandfather spends a lazy afternoon over wine, cheese and cherry pie talking to Sarah Hampson about his nostalgia for free love, his failure as a junkie, his lonely nights at the Buddhist monastery and the secret to finding romantic contentment at 72. ‘I'm not interested,' he says, ‘in taking off my clothes with a woman right now.'

Sunday Times Review of Leonard Cohen Art

Sunday Times Review of Leonard Cohen Art by The Sunday Times

Reasons to be cheerful. It looks like the darkness has finally lifted for miserable genius Leonard Cohen – his new art show in Manchester sees a lighter side shine through

Cohen drawing inspiration - Manchester Evening News

Cohen's drawing inspiration - Manchester Evening News
is most recent written work, a poetry collection called Book Of Longing, topped the bestsellers list in his native Canada. But it was the drawings he included in Book Of Longing that surprised his fans and exposed another artistic bent to Cohen's already impressive body of work. To mark the inter... Published: Friday 06 July, 2007

BBC Review of A Private Gaze

BBC Review of A Private Gaze includes Audio / Video
Various compositions Leonard Cohen is best known for his music and poetry, the strength and depth of which have seen him the highest of accolades, but an exhibition at the Richard Goodall Gallery shows he’s something of the artist too. A Private Gaze is the first ever public exhibition of Cohen's art.

Travis on Graham Nash

Travis frontman Fran Healey on Graham Nash

Fran Healey talks about meeting Graham Nash through the Richard Goodall Gallery and ending up singing on stage with him in Manchester 

Mark Seliger The Times

In the well of celebrity - Mark Seliger in The Times
When Mark Seliger found an empty lift shaft in his building, he saw an opportunity for a new kind of portrait of the famous

A date with Mark Seliger MEN

A date with Mark Seliger - Manchester Evening News
AFTER over a decade as chief photographer for US music bible Rolling Stone, leading to his current incarnation as in-house photographer for both Vanity Fair and US GQ - as well as directing the occasional music video - Mark Seliger has photographed some of the most famous faces, in some of the most famous places, on the planet. A fact his first UK exhibition, Platinums, on now at the Richard Goodall Gallery, amply proves'
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