Aluminium Triptych 8

Rob Jones
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Aluminium Triptych 8 Limited Edition Silk Screen Print by Rob Jones Original Signed and Numbered Richard Goodall Gallery Exclusive, Art Print 24 x 24 Inches Edition of 33 Silk Screen Print Featuring: Aluminium, White Stripes
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Aluminium Triptych set 8 for the Aluminium Show and Record Launch from Rob Jones and XL Records.

" . . . boasted an aluminium piano in the clubroom. Yet it was the powdered aluminium used to paint the Hindenburg that doomed the airship. Along with the cellulose acetate which waterproofed the cotton fabric skin, the powdered aluminium mixed in the exterior paint was highly inflammable and itching for a spark. This disastrous combination, not the hydrogen keeping the zeppelin aloft, caused the tragedy. Aluminium's culpability in the conflagration was evidenced by its red flame that consumed the outer shell while still airbourne." -Tony Laumet Things That Went BOOM!

3 Colour signed and numbered silkscreen print edition of 33 (only 30 available 3 and 33 in a private collection). Features theree Aluminium Ion prints one 24 inches square and 2 11 inches square each

Available first from July 29th at the show opening 12-6pm.

Contact us to enquire for a ticket Meet Rob Jones and hear the world premier of the new XL records Aluminium at the show opening July 29 12-6.

The Aluminium series of posters are worldwide exclusive at Richard Goodall Gallery

  • Product Code:
  • Brand:
    Rob Jones
  • Edition:
    Edition of 33
  • Format:
    Silk Screen Print
  • Size:
    24 x 24 Inches
  • Artist:
    Rob Jones