Dalek Violent Pacification Serigraph Print 1 - Hammer

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Dalek Violent Pacification Serigraph Print 1 - Hammer Limited Edition Silk Screen Print by Dalek Original Signed and Numbered Richard Goodall Gallery Exclusive, Art Print 80 x 60 centim Edition of 100 Silk Screen Print
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Dalek Violent Pacification Silksreened Serigraph print 1 - Hammer. Part of a set of 3 60x80cm (24x32 Inch) 9 color matching prints from the Show at Richard Goodall Gallery in March 2006. Limited Edition of 100 Exclusive to Richard Goodall Gallery for the Violent Pacification show. Signed and Numbered by Dalek.

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  • Date:
    2006-03-01 00
  • Collections:
    Richard Goodall Gallery Exclusive
    Art Print
  • Edition:
    Edition of 100
  • Format:
    Silk Screen Print
  • Size:
    80 x 60 centim
  • Location:
    Richard Goodall Gallery
  • Artist: