Frank Kozik. An Ode To Joy

Frank Kozik
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An Ode To Joy by Frank Kozik Book
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Book - An Ode to Joy: Posters, Prints and Other Work of Frank Kozik

"There is no one more aware of the new iconography than Frank Kozik, no one manipulates this mindf*ck so well.

Kozik's best work revisits pop devotional symbols and alters meanings to remind us that the attention spanless contemporary individuals even invest cartoon characters with venerable emotion and belief.

Frank Kozik may well be the most astute designer for our apocalypse culture."--Adam Parfrey

First Edition Hardcover. Published by Last Gasp, 2000

Dimensions: 11.25 (H) x 9.00 (W) x 0.50 (D). Pages, 116

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