Ian Curtis Interzone Triptych

Rob Jones
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Ian Curtis Interzone Triptych Limited Edition Silk Screen Print Art Print Rob Jones Original Signed and Numbered 26 x 36 Inches Edition of 80 Silk Screen Print

The brand new Rob Jones Ian Curtis of Joy Division print based on the famous photograph by photographer Kevin Cummins.

Consists of 3 individual prints "Signal" "Magnetar" and "Resonance" in a signed and numbered edition of 80. See the significance? Signed and numbered by Rob Jones. Each print is huge at 26 x 36 inches

Exclusive to Richard Goodall Gallery. Those of you in Manchester might have seen these around the city hanging framed.

As rob explains...

Originally I had the window in the third print just go to black and it really seemed too morbid (par for the course for Joy Division, I'm sure, but it felt a little trite). Donnegan suggested the other pulsar clouds/nebulae radiating from surrounding tenements which gave the series overall an unlikely positive but truthful outcome.

Probably the hardest project I've had to work on. Joy Division is so visually dominated by Peter Saville's work that my usual way of going about things felt improper (like an Iron Maiden cover without Eddie). I knew I had to keep things very simple and somewhat straightforward. My choice of using a nebula cloud (a specific one repeated which actually relates in a way to Ian Curtis and Manchester) was a tip of the hat to Saville's Unknown Pleasures cover (not the same pulsar, but a pulsar nonetheless).

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  • Brand:
    Rob Jones
  • Edition:
    Edition of 80
  • Format:
    Silk Screen Print
  • Size:
    26 x 36 Inches
  • Artist:
    Rob Jones