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Jay Ryan
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Reduced Reuse 2007 Book by Jay Ryan Edition of 40 Book
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Reduce/Reuse Book 2007

from jay....

since the 'mistakes' books have become annual, we ended up with an overflow of prints which were not included in the mistakes books. this pile, comprised of misprints from my entire postermaking career, as well "test prints" or monoprints, were bound into smaller, thicker books. while the 'mistakes' books, above, are carefully curated, the pages of these orange books are relatively random. the books are not identical in any way except covers and size, so i did not edition them. they are signed.
"Reduce / Reuse"

Some Scraps from The Bird Machine

book measures approx 6 x 6 x 3.5 inches (quite blocky), hardcover 40 books made. signed.

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    Jay Ryan
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    Edition of 40
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    The Bird Machine, Chicago
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    Jay Ryan