Keep alert to be ready for the sudden attack by the enemy

Orig. Chinese Propaganda Poster
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Keep alert to be ready for the sudden attack by the enemy

Keep alert to be ready for the sudden attack by the enemy

Shanghai People's Publishing House. 1970

53 x 77 cm

Original vintage Chinese Propaganda poster

Bleached/Linen backed

Linen backing is an archival conservation method that adds value to a poster. The poster is mounted with wheat paste onto acid free paper, which has been previously adhered to canvas, referred to as ‘linen’. This process provides stability to the piece. Lined posters may be rolled, are ready for framing, and are easier to handle overall. It is a reversible method, although once archivally mounted, they are usually left mounted to preserve the integrity of the poster.  Should a lined poster sustain physical damage in the future, poster removal is possible. This cannot be said for most other mounting methods.

All our vintage Chinese posters have been bleached prior linen backing. Bleaching is recommended for removing discoloration or ‘foxing’ along the edges of the poster and along any folds which might have been apparent. A restorer will clean, de-acidify and mount the poster, having repaired any noticeable damage. All folds and creases disappear and the poster is rejuvenated to its original state. We have used the services of the county’s leading art restorer to work on these posters.

  • Product Code:
  • Brand:
    Orig. Chinese Propaganda Poster
  • Edition:
    Edition of 350
  • Format:
    Archivel Linin Backed Vintage Print
  • Size:
    77 x 53 cm
  • Location:
    Mendizabala - Vitoria, Spain
  • Date:
    23-25 June 2011
  • Artist:
    Orig. Chinese Propaganda Poster