MANUSCRIPT ORIGINALS Tommy James and Ritchie Cordell "Mony Mony" Hand signed and illustrated lyrics

Manuscript Originals
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Authentically hand written and illustrated lyrics hand signed by the songwriter

"Mony Mony" was credited to Tommy James, Bo Gentry, Ritchie Cordell and Bobby Bloom. The song's title was inspired by Tommy James' view of the "M.O.N.Y." sign atop the Mutual of New York building on the New York City skyline from his Manhattan apartment. As Tommy James said in a 1995 interview in Hitch magazine:

True story: I had the track done before I had a title. I wanted something catchy like "Sloopy" or "Boney Maroney," but everything sounded so stupid. So Ritchie Cordell and I were writing it in New York City, and we were about to throw in the towel when I went out onto the terrace, looked up and saw the Mutual of New York building (which has its initials illuminated in red at its top). I said, "That's gotta be it! Ritchie, come here, you've gotta see this!" It's almost as if God Himself had said, "Here's the title." I've always thought that if I had looked the other way, it might have been called "Hotel Taft"

British rock artist Billy Idol released a cover version in 1981. Along with the track "Baby Talk", Idol's version of "Mony Mony" went to No. 7 on the Billboard dance chart. A live recording of the song became a hit for Idol in 1987 as well, while promoting his then-forthcoming compilation work Vital Idol. The live version was released as a single and went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The original for this piece was authentically handwritten and illustrated by Ritchie Cordell (1943-2004). Graham Nash's fine art printing company, Nash Editions, printed the piece in an edition of 1000. Nash Editions “Manuscript Originals” blind stamp in lower corner. Ritchie Cordell (1943-2004) hand signed each piece in pencil. 14 x 11 inches 36 x 28cms housed in portfolio and with Certificate of Authenticity. This piece acquired direct from Nash Editions. Mint condition. The remaining pieces in the Manuscript Originals series available exclusively from Richard Goodall Gallery