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Marianne Faithfull London 1966 Lenticular Print

Gered Mankowitz
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Gered Mankowitz Marianne Faithfull Lenticular Print Richard Goodall Gallery Manchester England
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Marianne Faithfull London 1966 Lenticular Print

Marianne Faithful photographed in London 1966 photographed by Gered Mankowitz

There are 3 images in this lenticular print

2 Sizes available:

48 x 72 Inches - Edition of 5

24 x 36 Inches - Edition of 10

Lenticular (len-tik-u-lar): A lenticular print is made by placing an "interlaced" image, (cut and reassembled in vertical strips), behind a sheet of plastic with a series of parallel lens or lenticules embossed into one surface.  When the lens are aligned with the image, the viewer sees only one frame at a time.  As viewing angle changes, each of the images are seen in the planned sequence, creating the illusion of movement, depth or animation

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    Gered Mankowitz
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    Gered Mankowitz