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Permanent Guest - Delusion

Coarse Toys
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Permanent Guest - Delusion Limited Edition vinyl figures Vinyl Figure by Coarse Toys Vinyl Figure
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Permanent Guest - Delusion

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Permanent Guest includes two vinyl figures: The deceitful Fish and the innocent Raccoon. Fish sits in a bathtub connected to Raccoon’s hand with a fabric string. The dimensions of this piece may extend up to approx. 20'' x 8'' x 5'' inches [50 x 20 x 12.5 cm].

Your Permanent Guest will knock at your door in a color-printed gift box and will be embedded in black sponge. Each set includes one Family & Friends application card.

Let Me Be Your Guest

Raccoon thought he was going to die. He had gotten lost — first in a city filled with cars and then atop a mountain far up in the clouds. For weeks he had tried to find his way back home and now here he was in the middle of a desert, his legs about to give way beneath him. Yes, I’m really going to die, he thought, a lightheaded moment of clarity amid the confusion of the days that had led him here. He would die without ever again chasing his brothers up trees, without ever again feeling his mother’s paw stroke his fur as he drifted off to sleep on a cool summer night.

And then he saw something.

It appeared to be water. But Raccoon knew all about mirages. He knew better than to trust his own eyes, but sometimes his appetite betrayed him. “Water,” his parched mouth tried to cry, but only a weak wisp of air escaped him.

Raccoon ran across the sand, using every last bit of strength inside him to reach the lake or the pond or the false promise of either. Like a stray dog he scurried toward it, his tongue limp outside of his mouth.

No, Raccoon thought. It cannot be.

But Raccoon’s eyes did not deceive him. It was water, and more. Sitting in the baking heat of the desert sun was a bathtub carrying a fish. Raccoon did not know which he wanted first—the water or the meat. Saliva spilled off his tongue and sizzled on the hot desert sand. Better to consume both at once. With one final mote of energy, Raccoon held his paws up, licked his lips, and leapt into the air.

“Wait!” Fish screamed. “You don’t want to eat me!”

Raccoon recoiled. “Why not?” he protested.

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    Coarse Toys
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    Coarse Toys