Rob Schwartz Skull n Bones Circus Punk

Rob Schwartz
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Rob Schwartz Skull n Bones Circus Punk Limited Edition circus punks by Rob Schwartz Circus Punk
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Skull n Bones Circus Punk by Rob Schwartz

Designer Plush NYC Circus Punk Rob Schwartz. Limited to 125 Pieces. Signed and Numbered.

15 Inches tall

These limited edition designs are printed, sewn, and assembled by hand in Fresno, CA by the Circus Punks crew. Each one is individually signed and numbered by the artists themselves

  • Product Code:
  • Brand:
    Rob Schwartz
  • Edition:
    Edition of 1
  • Format:
    Custom Painted Circus Punk
  • Size:
    15 in
  • Artist:
    Rob Schwartz