Smorkin Labbit Jungle Magic 5 Pack

Frank Kozik
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Smorkin Labbit Jungle Magic 5 Pack Limited Edition 3 inch figures Silk Screen Print by Frank Kozik Smorkin Labbit Silk Screen Print
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Go on a smorkin' safari with Frank Kozik's newest flocked five pack.

More violent and fierce then thier distant domestic cousins, Jungle Magic Labbits come in zebra, leapord and even snake skinned pattens. A vertable tabacco-copia of jungle motifs to blend into their natural habbitat.

Jungle Magic brings nothing but savage fury, watch your hands! They may feel soft but these labbits bite!

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  • Brand:
    Frank Kozik
  • Format:
    Silk Screen Print
  • Artist:
    Frank Kozik