Tara Jane O'Neil 16/11/06 Oklahoma City

Daniel Danger
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Tara Jane O'Neil 16/11/06 Oklahoma City Limited Edition Silk Screen Print Music Poster by Daniel Danger Original Signed and Numbered 9 x 23 inches Edition of 90 Silk Screen Print
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Tara Jane O'Neil with Charalambides and Anvil Salute @ The Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK, USA.

Limited Edition Silkscreen.

Edition of 90.

Signed and numbered by Daniel Danger

  • Product Code:
  • Brand:
    Daniel Danger
  • Date:
    2006-11-16 00
  • Collections:
    Tara Jane O'Neil
    Anvil Salute
    Completed Edition
  • Edition:
    Edition of 90
  • Format:
    Silk Screen Print
  • Size:
    9 x 23 inches
  • Location:
    The Conservatory, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Artist:
    Daniel Danger